Challenge #17: Nifty fifty and fancy footwork  Challenges, 30 November 2022

This Challenge was inspired by Roger Walton’s own challenge to himself to use only his 50mm fixed-focus lens throughout the month of October, and his comment “Anyone fancy joining in?”.

It was possible for anyone to join in this Challenge, whether or not they had a 50mm or indeed any fixed-focus lens, since a zoom lens set at a specific focal length or a mobile phone lens used without zooming would also work. Members were asked to submit up to five uncropped images, taken using the same fixed focal length, but ideally within the range 24 – 70mm (full frame equivalent).

Images could be of any subject, and as you can see from the gallery, the subject matter of the submitted images was very varied and represented a wide range of genres from landscape and portrait to architectural, street and abstract. ‘Fancy footwork’ is also in evidence, with images taken either ‘up close and personal’, at a distance, or somewhere in between. And to add to the creativity, one of our members even produced a fantastic collage of 60 images, all captured using a ‘nifty fifty’ lens!

As someone who had never before used a prime lens, I am now a convert, and I’d like to thank David K for trusting me with his camera and 50mm lens for a day, enabling me to take part fully in this Challenge (and taking me out of my comfort zone).

We hope you will enjoy all the fantastic images in the gallery. Some of the image titles include the full frame equivalent focal length used. There may have been a bit of (unintentional) cropping of some of the images, but even so, and even if the exact focal length is not specified, all the images submitted by one person will have been taken at the same focal length.