About Us

The Club was founded in 1983 by a group of photography enthusiasts who were keen to share knowledge and to learn from one another. We remain a friendly club that welcomes photographers of all ages and experience, from beginners to experienced amateurs and even a few professionals.

Our aim is to enjoy photography and, through mutual support, to continue developing our skills as photographers. You will always find someone to answer your questions or help you out. Our dynamic schedule of meetings and other activities encourage and stimulate creative image taking and processing, and provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and sharing expertise.


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Joining in
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Our meetings

Our regular meetings run from September to June and take place on alternate Tuesday evenings from 7.30 – 9.30pm

In view of the considerable uncertainty surrounding physical meetings due to Covid-19, Bishopthorpe Camera Club is running its programme via Zoom for the foreseeable future. We are using this as an opportunity to create a diverse and exciting programme, featuring speakers who would not normally be available to us. 

The programme for 2021-2022 has not yet been finalised, but for more information in the meantime, please check out What’s On.

Find us

Out talks are currently on Zoom, and for the location of other activities, please see What’s On.

Joining in

You can simply turn up to most of our activities and be sure of a warm welcome. Please introduce yourself to the organiser. If you have any queries you can, of course, get in touch in advance using secretary@bishopthorpecc.co.uk, membership@bishopthorpecc.co.uk or by using the form provided under Contact Us.

Check out fuller descriptions of any of our various Activities.

Attending meetings as a guest

We welcome visitors to the Club, whether for individual meetings or to join us for a whole season and we have created several different categories of membership. Options for individual visitors and members of other clubs wishing to attend one or more meetings or to join us for the season can be found here. Whichever option suits you best, we hope you will agree that they all offer value for money, especially considering the low cost per session and the high calibre and reputation of the speakers. 

We are offering special rates for groups of five or more members from other camera clubs. Please see what’s on offer here and if you would like to find out more, please contact secretary@bishopthorpecc.co.uk.

Please under Activities and What’s On for the dates and topics of forthcoming activities.

Students and other young people

The Club recognises that photography is something that can be enjoyed by everyone, whatever their age. We are keen to welcome students and other young people to the Club to get involved in our activities.

Please get in touch if you are interested in coming to one of our meetings (email: secretary@bishopthorpecc.co.uk). You would be very welcome!

Please note that anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when attending a club evening. This is to comply with the Club’s Policy on Children Attending Club Meetings.

Becoming a member

The current annual membership fee is £45, payable in September at the beginning of the season.

There is a discounted rate for two family members of £67.50, and £22.50 for students in full time education and those under 18 years old. You can download an Annual Membership form here.

We are also offering several different categories of membership to cater for individuals and members of other Clubs wishing to join us for some or all of our Zoom adventure. 

Full details of all of the membership options can be found here. If you are interested, please contact secretary@bishopthorpecc.co.uk or membership@bishopthorpecc.co.uk for further details and an appropriate application form.


The Club is run by a small Committee, who are all active members and contributors to the Club’s activities. Committee members are happy to be approached about the running and direction of the Club, and can point you in the right direction if you need help or advice.

Chair, Print Competition and Print Critiques

Andy Towse


Roger Poyser


Julia Walton


David Kessel


Sue Hoggett

Treasurer, Digital Image Competition and Digital Critiques

John Saunders


Iain Stuart

Other Roles

Web Team

Sue Hoggett & David Kessel

Cuppa & Capture

Bryan Stanton

Photo Walks

David Williamson & David Kessel

Club Outings

Alex Davidson


Julia Walton

Club constitution, rules and policies

Bishopthorpe Camera Club Constitution
Bishopthorpe Camera Club Privacy Notice
Child Policy
Social Media Policy
Bishopthorpe Camera Club Constitution

Please see the latest version of our Constitution, updated 26 June 2018.

Bishopthorpe Camera Club Privacy Notice

Bishopthorpe Camera Club’s Privacy Notice states that personal information concerning members, speakers and judges is held on computer for the sole use of the club. Bishopthorpe Camera Club takes seriously the privacy of all individuals and such information shall be protected and maintained in such a way that any and all personal details shall remain private. Personal data will never be sold or passed to any third party. Further information is available below or from the Club Secretary (secretary@bishopthorpecc.co.uk).

Child Policy

You are reminded that children (persons under the age of 18 years) may be present at Club meetings, and by attending meetings and/or signing the application for membership you acknowledge that you will act accordingly and in line with the Club’s Policy on Children Attending Club Meetings, which was adopted by the Club at the AGM in June 2017.

Please note that anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when attending a Club evening. Our designated Child Protection Officer is Julia Walton. If you have any questions or concerns, please see Julia in person or contact her by email at safeguarding@bishopthorpecc.co.uk.


Bishopthorpe Camera Club reserves the right to copy and reproduce any images, submitted into any of the Club’s competitions, critique evenings or exhibitions, for publicity purposes (including on the website). Any objections should be addressed to the Club Secretary (secretary@bishopthorpecc.co.uk). Copyright always remains with the author.

The club also reserves the right to use images of those attending club activities for publicity purposes (including on the website). Any objections should be addressed to the Club Secretary (secretary@bishopthorpecc.co.uk).

Social Media Policy

Bishopthorpe Camera Club’s Social Media Policy sets out the role of our Facebook and WhatsApp group pages and the behaviour that we expect from users. Failure to comply with the policy will not be tolerated and could result in deletion of inappropriate content or exclusion from our Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

We are grateful to Afan Need Camera Club, Port Talbot, Wales for allowing us to modify their guidance for use in our own social media policy.