Challenge #15: Creating a 2022 Photo Calendar  Challenges, 11 January 2022

As we approached 2022, this Challenge was designed to provide an incentive, if any was needed, to create a personalised calendar using our own photographs. We were encouraged to release our creativity and come up with a calendar with a unique and personal theme.

Take a look at the calendars below and see for yourselves the fantastic range of ideas and the high quality of the featured images. Fabulous, there’s no excuse for missing a Club meeting now!

Please note: You will see that the style of the gallery looks a bit different from usual. Rather than using the random display, which wouldn’t make much sense when viewing calendars, each calendar has its own mini-gallery showing all twelve months plus, in some cases, a cover page. The cover images are just thumbnails, but click on the January image of each calendar to see larger versions of all twelve months. 

Mike Fidkin

Meze, Taste and Bites of Greece

David Whitham

The Glory of Yorkshire

Please click on David’s cover image to see the full ‘Glory’ of Yorkshire.

John Saunders

York Shakespeare Project


David Ireland

Scotland’s Mysterious Places

Julia Walton

Lazy Days

Sue Hoggett

A Year of Cuppa & Capture

Malcolm Beetham

Birds of a Feather

Cath Ruane

Flowers and Trees

David Kessel

Year of the Phone

Teresa Beetham