Owing to the present Coronavirus situation, it is with regret that all future Club meetings and many of our usual activities are cancelled until further notice. To help us keep in touch and enjoying our photography together, we will be posting on-line challenges. Please keep an eye on the website and on our Facebook group for details of the latest challenge.

22 May 2020:

CHALLENGE #5: Light-hearted lockdown competition 

Since we have not been able to hold our normal end of season annual competitions or our exhibition, we are instead proposing an informal on-line digital image competition to showcase some of the photographs we have taken during lockdown. We encourage all members to get involved. Instead of an external judge everyone will have a chance to choose their favourites in a ‘popular vote’.

Please submit three images no later than midnight on Tuesday 2 June to and they will subsequently be displayed in a Gallery on this website for you to choose your favourite three images. For more information about this competition, please see Challenge #5 on the website. Our Zoom meeting on Tuesday 16 June will include an audio-visual presentation of all of the submitted images followed by a slideshow of the most liked images.

The competition is open only to members of the Club. If you wish to join the Club in order to enter the competition and attend our regular lockdown Zoom meetings please contact

7 May 2020: 

Challenge #4 Texture Texture Texture!

The aim of this Challenge is to experiment with textures in your photography. You could either make the texture the main subject of your images, or better still add a textured foreground or background to enhance other photos. For more information about this challenge, please see Challenge #4 on the website.

Please submit your images  no later than Sunday 17 May to and they will subsequently be displayed in a Gallery on this website. Please follow the instructions for Submitting Images at

15 April 2020:

CHALLENGE #3  It’s a mystery!

Photograph up to five everyday household objects in such a way that they are not immediately recognisable. For more information about this challenge, please see Challenge #3 on the website, and put 7.30pm on Tuesday 28 April in your (no doubt over-full) diaries for a Zoom-based ‘Guess the mystery object’ session.

1 April 2020:

CHALLENGE #2  Creating a photo-collage  Prepare up to three photo-collages that each include images of something personal to you, such as a particular passion or interest of yours, something that inspires you, or simply your home and family. For more information and fun tips, please see Challenge #2.

18 March 2020:

CHALLENGE #1 A pop of colour  Prepare up to three images that involve mixing B&W and Colour in a single image – either all B&W with just a little “popped colour” or the opposite.