Challenge #5: Light-hearted lockdown competition   

Owing to the current coronavirus situation, we have not been able to hold our normal end of season annual competitions or our exhibition. Instead, we are proposing to hold an informal on-line digital image competition to showcase some of the photographs we have taken during lockdown. We encourage all members to get involved. Instead of an external judge everyone will have a chance to choose their favourites in a ‘popular vote’.

Our Zoom meeting on Tuesday 16 June will include an audio-visual presentation of the submitted images followed by a slideshow of the overall favourites.


Photographs must have been taken during the lockdown period i.e. between 23 March 2020 (when the lockdown started) and the submission date, rather than retrieved from your archive. They could have been taken during your daily walk or exercise, in your back garden or in your home. They can be in any genre, and may be colour or monochrome. Whether you’ve been able to take some landscape images, macro shots of flowers and insect life, portraits or creative images, anything goes.

Photographs can be taken using any device capable of capturing a still image, including smartphones and digital cameras. Images that have been created using camera apps, photo-editing apps or any photo-editing software will be accepted.

Please note that images submitted for the competition should not have previously been submitted for any other club activity or challenge.

How will it work?

From Friday 5 until Friday 12 June, members of the Club will be able to view all of the submitted images in a Gallery on the website, and will be invited to choose and rank their 3 favourite images. All members are encouraged to vote regardless of whether they submitted any photographs themselves. Your first, second and third choices should be submitted to by midnight on Friday 12 June.

Please note that you cannot vote for your own image (no matter how good it is).

Lockdown Competition: guidelines for submission

The competition will be open to BCC members only, both in terms of submitting images and also voting.

The deadline for submission is midnight on Tuesday 2 June.

Please submit up to 3 images and an entry form with image titles and your order of preference (1, 2, 3) in case there are too many entries to include.

IMPORTANT: Please check that file size, resolution, file type and metadata comply with the specifications outlined under ‘Lockdown Competition’ in the Submitting Images section of the website, otherwise your entries may not be included.

Attending the Lockdown Competition Zoom meeting

We hope that the Lockdown Competition Zoom meeting on Tuesday 16 June will attract a large and supportive audience, and don’t forget that your partners are welcome to join you. Non-members are also welcome to attend (£3, please contact and if you wish to join the Club in order to enter the competition and attend our regular lockdown Zoom meetings please contact