Challenge #3:  It’s a mystery!   

The challenge

The structures of everyday objects in our homes are often incredibly intricate and sometimes quite beautiful when you examine them at close quarters. There’s no better time for us to take a closer look around at our surroundings and to marvel at what we think of as ‘everyday’.

The Challenge is to take photographs of up to five everyday household objects, either from an odd angle or at close quarters, or however you choose to create a different perspective on the object, revealing some intricate detail or unexpected aesthetic beauty that makes the object unrecognisable, at least at first sight.

Take a look at the following close-up images, and see if you can guess what they are:

You should keep in mind that, as in the examples above, it should still be possible to recognise what your ‘mystery’ objects are with a hint (or two) or after a bit of thought.

For each ‘mystery’ image, you are asked also to submit a ‘normal’ photograph of the object. The normal version can be as photographically creative as you like, just as long as it is recognisable as the object in question.

‘Guess the mystery’ object

This Challenge lends itself well to a virtual follow-up session ‘Guess the mystery object’, so we propose that, as well as zooming into the objects (or however we choose to approach them), those who’d like to will be able to zoom into a Zoom meeting at 7.30pm on Tuesday 28 April. Following the success of our first virtual meeting, where we discussed the images from previous challenges, we hope that we can learn from and enjoy discussing the images from this latest challenge whilst having some fun guessing the objects. The session will also provide another opportunity to get some experience of Zoom in preparation for more ‘serious’ meetings that are being planned for the future. The session will, of course, be open to all Club members, whether or not they have taken part in the Challenge and have submitted images. Everyone is welcome.

Submission information

  • Please submit up to five ‘mystery’ images (together with ‘normal’ images of the same objects) no later than Saturday 25 April to, preferably by WeTransfer.
  • Please stick to the guidelines for submission on the website under Submitting Images.
    1. Resize your images to a maximum of 1600 pixels wide or 1200 pixels high, and limit the size of each image to 500kb.
    2. Please include a title – as enigmatic as possible that doesn’t give away the object’s identity – and your name in the metadata exactly as requested, adding ‘Mystery’ or ‘Normal’ after the title for the two versions of your images.

An example of what to write in the title metadata field if you are able to come up with an enigmatic title:

Enigmatic title, Mystery, Joe Bloggs  and  Enigmatic title, Normal, Joe Bloggs

If you cannot think of an enigmatic title for all your images, for those images please use:

Object 1, Mystery, Joe Bloggs  and  Object 1, Normal, Joe Bloggs

If we feel that your title is not enigmatic enough, we may change it to something more neutral for the ‘Guess the mystery object’ Zoom session.

  • Finally, just a word of encouragement to follow the guidelines:

If, say, 20 people were to submit images of 5 mystery objects together with a normal version of each object, the web team would be involved in uploading 200 images on to the website, which is a relatively labour-intensive process. We may therefore have to exclude images from the Gallery if they are not submitted correctly (although we hope, of course, not to have to do this).

Please note also that there may, in any case, not be space to include all submitted images in the Gallery.

Last but not least

Everyone is welcome to take part in this Challenge. You may submit images for the Challenge without attending the Zoom session, or attend the Zoom session without submitting any images, although we hope, of course, that you will do both.

Please enjoy looking around you and finding beauty or aesthetic appeal (or maybe the opposite) where you didn’t know it existed. We’ll look forward to you coming up with some tantalising images.

PS If you’re not a Club member, you are more than welcome to join in this challenge. Please feel free to send us images for up to five objects and we’ll post our favourites in the Gallery. If you would like to attend the follow-up Zoom meeting, please let us know