Challenge #2: Creating a photo-collage   

The second challenge is to create a fun photo-collage, using at least six images.

We would like you to base your collage on something that is personal to you. This might be a particular passion, something that inspires you, or simply be about you, your home and your family. You may only want to create one collage for this challenge, but if you feel inspired to create more, then that’s fine, we’ll accept up to three collages for the Gallery.

The type and number of photos you include is entirely up to you. You could use photos of your favourite flowers, animals or birds if nature is your passion, or of your garden if gardening is your thing. If travelling is something you enjoy, you might want to include photos taken on a particularly memorable holiday or adventure. If you’d simply like to share some photos of you and your family, that would also be great!

If you’ve not tried to make a photo-collage before, it is relatively simple and can be a lot of fun!

Using apps on your mobile phone

There are lots of free apps for your mobile phone, such as inCollage and PhotoCollage (and many more), that allow you to make a collage very simply and in just a few minutes. The results can be pretty impressive, so if you haven’t already tried any of these apps, then do have a go.

The images shown below were both created in under ten minutes on Sue’s mobile phone!

Using photo processing software

Collages can, of course, also be created using standard photo processing software, including Photoshop and Lightroom. This could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to experiment with layers (you may find some guidance in Techniques & Tips on the website).

Depending on which method you use, you can spend as little or as much time on this challenge as you want. The only limit is your time and imagination!

Here’s how you might want to go about it:

  1. Select your photos, bearing in mind the storytelling power of a collage.
  2. Arrange the photos, selecting a layout (simple grid, free-form or whatever you like) that you think might maximise their impact. (It’s not dissimilar from thinking about photos for the Club’s Themed Image Critique, and might be a good time to practise for next year!)
  3. If you wish, choose a border, and add colour, texture and patterns (it’s entirely up to you).

We hope that you will enjoy taking part in this challenge. It can be as simple or as complicated as you like, and it will be interesting to see one another’s personal ‘stories’ reflected in creative ways. You might even create something that would look good hanging on your wall!

Please send in your collage(s) (up to three) no later than Saturday 11 April to You are reminded that you should refer to the information under Submitting Images on the website. In particular, please include a title and your name in the metadata as requested, and limit the size of your submitted collages to 500 KB.

A Rainy Day, Sue Hoggett
Orchids, Sue Hoggett