Challenge #13: Reinventing the travel poster  Challenges, 11 September 2021

Travel posters have been around since the beginning of the 20th century. Their powerful images and bright bold colours evoked a sense of adventure and exploration, prompting people to book trips and purchase tickets to cities and exotic places. Their strong visual style has stood the test of time as an art form in itself, with posters evolving to embrace Modernist, Art Deco and Surrealist styles.

In this Challenge, members were invited to create posters promoting the charms of their own favourite resorts, towns or regions. As you can see from the gallery, a good number of our members rose to the challenge and produced an impressive number of stunning posters in a wonderful variety of styles – highly creative and certainly all unique. Take a look for yourselves and decide what’s next on your travel bucket list! Maybe a trip to the moon…?

PS If you look carefully you will see that two of our members appear to have joined forces to start a new travel company called ‘HOWI Travel’. If you check out their names, the relevance of HOWI might become clear… Perhaps not the best time to start a travel company!