Photosplit App: Jocelyn Hayes   

If you are interested in producing creative images through multi-exposure or layering of 2 or more photos, then try out the cheap and easy to use, Photosplit App, available via the Apple Store at 99p. Some cameras have this built in as an option, but mine doesn’t.

I took several leaf shots on my iphone, with a view to layering up some images later on my ipad with further editing on my computer (iMac) software.  The Photosplit App was very intuitive, no instructions needed and offered quick and instant results.

You can take two of more photos and layer them up instantly or, use the App to draw on existing photos you have on file/ on the cloud to provide a variety of images. It could be applied to develop abstract, surreal, playful, moody or atmospheric images quite successfully. There is scope for some editing – though limited mostly to framing and lighting effects. Alternatively, you could use the easy-to-use layout for several photos in the split screen frame options (vertical, diagonal, horizontal etc).

I’d recommend testing out quite a few alternatives, not using too many images and basically just having a bit of fun exploring the opportunities it offers, to produce creative (sometimes quite random) images.

It may not offer the possibilities of Photoshop or other software, but for quick effects it is well worth trying out. However, watchout – as this App is quite addictive!

Jocelyn Hayes

Leaf pattern, Jocelyn Hayes
Layered leaves, Jocelyn Hayes
L is for Lighthouse, Jocelyn Hayes