Challenge #14: Shapes, shadows and surfaces  Challenges, 23 October 2021

This Challenge was inspired by a recent talk by Lebanese photographer, Serge Najjar. Serge’s passion is photography, for which he has an obvious and infectious enthusiasm. His photography focuses on the architecture of the Lebanon, and he cites as influences works by painters such as Kandinsky (Russian Avant Garde), Rothko and Agnes Martin (Abstract Expressionism), Poliakoff (French Modernist), as well as others from Cubist and Fauvist movements. Serge composes his photographs like a painter but with the ability to create art using detail, simple shapes, often a bold colour palette, textures, shadows and light. People often feature in his work as small details, giving a sense of scale to his images.

The aim of this Challenge was to encourage members to draw on Serge’s inspiration to explore architectural opportunities that incorporate geometric shapes and use light, shadows, contrasts and textures to produce creative, almost abstract, images. We could take new photographs for the Challenge, or alternatively use previously captured photographs. As always, members stepped up to the mark with enthusiasm and creativity, producing some fabulous images.

We are immensely grateful to Serge for his talk, for his interest and help with this challenge, and for inspiring us to create images that the Club can be proud of. We will be sharing the images with Serge and hope that he will approve of our efforts. Well done to all the contributors for rising so admirably to this challenging Challenge!