Ian Beesley’s talk – and your chance to bid for a signed copy of one of his books   

Another excellent turnout by members and visitors for Ian Beesley’s superb talk at Tuesday evening’s Zoom meeting. We were privileged to hear Ian’s personal and often moving stories; his humour and compassion shone through and perfectly complemented his photography. His images documented changes to life in and around Bradford, including the impact on its skyline. His photographs of the demise of local industry as well as the closure of the Moulders Arms, a much loved public house in Bradford, were especially poignant and captured both the pain and dignity of those affected.

Ian has generously donated a number of signed books and zines which we are offering for sale to the highest bidder. Please consider bidding for these, not only because they would be great to own, but also because you will be supporting the Club. As you know we have run a summer season and invested in Zoom to keep the Club running since lockdown, including over the summer, to ensure that we maintain contact and community within the Club.

Please consider bidding generously for one or more of the books and remember that the proceeds will help support the Club in these difficult times. Contact secretary by Friday 7 August if you would like to make an offer for any of the books.

The Drift 2011

Originally commissioned by the NCME, this is an interpretation of the lives of Hayroyd’s colliery miners. Taking nearly 5 years to complete, these photos by Ian Beesley with poetry by Ian McMillan explore the hidden underground world of coal mining, the physicality, the comradeship and the dangers of mining.

Hardback 30x20cm, 110 pages approx.

The Drift

Claret and Amber in Black and White 2000

Documenting the ups and downs of Bradford City’s Premiership season 1999-2000.

Paperback 30x20cm, 66 pages.

Claret and Amber in Black and White

The Unfurlings 2019

Banners for hope and change: the designs were based on traditional trades union and campaign banners, which are symbols of self-reliance and tangible proof of existence. The banners give voice to some of the problems and concerns faced by people with dementia and were created by people with dementia. Artwork and photography by Ian Beesley, Martyn Hall and Tony Husband, with poetry by Ian McMillan.

See more here.

Paperback 20x20cm, 110 pages approx.

The Unfurlings

Magic Lantern Tales 2014

Using a genuine magic lantern projector, poet & broadcaster Ian McMillan and documentary photographer Ian Beesley tell a story of the First World War from the point of view of men who survived it and lived on to old age and a changing world.

Paperback 21x16cm, 36 pages.

Magic Lantern Tales

Esholt Sewage Works Bradford 1977-79 (printed 2019)

Before Ian started his life as a photographer, he worked on Esholt Sewage Works Railway as a plate layer. His collection of black and white images chronicle what life was like for some of the sewage works employees in the 1970s when he worked alongside them and later when he made regular returns to the site.

Café Royal Books Zine 20x14cm, 28 pages.

Esholt Sewage Works

Kirkstall Forge Leeds 2002

The site is one of the oldest most continuously used industrial sites in England. It was a working forge until 1995 when the site was bought by Commercial Estates Group who had plans approved for a major regeneration scheme.

Limited edition of 250 published 2019.

Café Royal Books Zine 20x14cm, 32 pages.

Kirkstall Forge Leeds

Castle Market Sheffield

The historic Castle Market building, which dates back to 1928, closed its doors in 2013 before demolition began in 2015.

Limited edition of 150 published 2017.

Café Royal Books Zine 20x14cm, 30pages.

Castle Market Sheffield

Undercliffe Cemetery Bradford 1980s-1990s

Ian’s work has provided a wealth of images that support and celebrate the Grade II* Listed Heritage site. The cemetery gives an insight into the 19th century’s response to life and death.

Limited edition of 250 published 2019.

Café Royal Books Zine 20x14cm, 32 pages.

Undercliffe Cemetery Bradford

Football Fans

Published 2020.

Café Royal Books Zine 20x14cm, 36 pages.

Football Fans

Streetlife Bradford 1970s-1980s

Second edition published 2020.

Café Royal Books Zine 20x14cm, 36 pages.

Streetlife Bradford