Challenge #3: It’s a mystery!  Challenges, 4 May 2020

Our third lockdown challenge involved taking photographs of up to five household objects in a way that made them unrecognisable, at least at first sight. As you can see from the Gallery below, the submitted images provided a remarkable array of perspectives on a wide range of everyday objects, from the mundane to the less predictable, with many images revealing interesting and intricate detail and often some unexpected aesthetic beauty.

The Challenge was followed up with a well-attended and light-hearted Zoom session, ‘Guess the mystery object’. Identifying the objects was a challenge in itself, but a few eagle-eyed members managed to achieve some pretty respectable scores and a good time was had by all.

Once you’ve had a look at the mystery objects, you can check whether you have guessed them correctly by looking at the slideshow, where you will find the mystery objects revealed alongside the mystery objects.