Annual Digital Image Competition: The Living World  Competitions, 8 June 2021

We were extremely fortunate to have Mike Oakes as our ‘judge’ for the new format Annual Digital Image Competition 2021.

There were six categories, and instead of awarding marks, Mike’s remit was to select his favourite six images in each category and to choose one of them as his ‘judge’s choice’. A huge thank you to Mike for the enormous amount of work that he put into making this new format competition such a success and so enjoyable.

There were 41 entries for ‘The Living World’ category of the competition.

Mike’s favourite six images, in no particular order, are shown here (except for ‘Washing behind the ears’ by Helen Jones). His overall favourite in this category was ‘Heads Down’ by Mike Fidkin.

I'm off, David Bradley
Heads Down, Mike Fidkin
Sunlit beech, Mike Chapman
Ewe lookin at me...? Sue Hoggett
Feather and lace display, Emily Hoggett

Entries for ‘The Living World’ category are shown in the following gallery: