The Club holds one print and one digital projected image competition per year, held towards the end of the season, with an invited outside judge. We also have a lighthearted ‘It’s a Christmas Knockout’ digital projected image competition, where there is no invited judge, and the winner is decided by members’ votes on a knockout basis. For guidance on entering any of the competitions see Submitting Images.

Please scroll down to see last year’s winning images. These are also displayed in the 2018 – 19 Competition Winners Gallery.

Print Competition

The next Print Competition will be held on 12 May 2020 and the deadline for submitting images is 21 April 2020.

Please let Andy Towse know via that you are intending to submit prints, and he will collect them at one of the meetings

Digital projected image competition

The Digital Projected Image Competition will take place on 26 May 2020, and the deadline for submitting images is 5 May 2020.

*Please note that you should not enter the same image in the two Annual Competitions (Print and Projected Image).

It’s a Christmas knockout projected image competition

This event has passed (December 2019).

Results from the 2018-19 season competitions

Full size images can be seen in the 2018-19 gallery.

Print Competitions, May 2019

Colour Prints

1st:   Michele Beverley, Ready…Steady…

2nd:  Trevor Richardson, Società Operaia

3rd:   John Saunders, Splash

One, two, three.
Michele Beverley
Societa Operaia
Trevor Richardson
John Saunders

Monochrome Prints

1st:   Michele Beverley, Four, Friendly Fishermen

2nd:  Trevor Richardson, Manchester Old and New

3rd:   Chris Sharples, Mine – No Mine

Four friendly fishermen
Michele Beverley
Manchester Old and New
Trevor Richardson
Mine - no mine...
Chris Sharples

Digital Image Competitions, June 2019

Colour Digital Images

1st:   Helen Jones, Mountain Hare

2nd:  Roger Poyser, Gondolas

3rd:   David Kessel, Archived

Mountain Hare
Helen Jones
Gondolas, Roger Poyser
David Kessel

Monochrome Digital Images

1st:   Sue Hoggett, Balconies

2nd:  John Saunders, Front Runners

3rd:   David Kessel, Was it in a Dream?

Sue Hoggett
Front Runners
John Saunders
Was it in a Dream?
David Kessel

It’s a Christmas Knockout Competition, December 2018

1st:   Martin Holyoak, On the Sidelines

2nd:  Roger Poyser, Buttermere Pines

On the sidelines
Martin Holyoak
Buttemere Pines, Roger Poyser

Most Imagination Points

Sue Hoggett

Overall ‘Best in Show’ 

Sue Hoggett,  Balconies

Sue Hoggett