Rusty  Cuppa & Capture, 15 January 2024

This was the first photographic outing of the year, and since we were all likely to be feeling a bit rusty after the festive break, this was a subject to get us all up and running again.

You can find rust everywhere, but the challenge was to try and find objects that are rusty but also have photographic interest.

As you can see, there were plenty of takers for this challenge, and you will see that they found plenty of rust! Their images show examples in a variety of situations, including in their workshops and more widely around the city, but their images also show that rust, whilst an inevitable consequence of decay, can also create beautiful patterns from its colourful and unique shapes and textures.

Well done to all the contributors, who are hopefully now feeling significantly less rusty and ready to keep it simple on the next outing – yes, it’s on the subject of ‘Simplicity’!