Paddy’s Hole  Photo Walks, 12 Nov 2022

Paddy’s Hole is a spectacular place to host a photography session and it was certainly appreciated by those attending on the day. The fishing coves, surrounding dunes, lighthouse and windfarm provided plenty of stimulus for our imaging, then at the end of the day we were blessed with a spectacular setting sun radiating out over Paddy’s Hole and beyond to Industrial Teeside. Of particular note on the day was that the main furnace part of the steelwork plant had not yet been demolished, so it was enthusiastically incorporated within some of our imaging, as it turns out afterwards unbeknown to us, it seems like we were just so lucky because the plant was blown up only 4 days after our visit, wow!. Those images mean so much more because of this. After initial variable cloud cover we enjoyed a lovely sunny day for our interesting rumage around Paddy’s Hole, South Gare and surrounding area.