‘J’ is for…  Cuppa & Capture, 3 June 2024

No explanation is needed for this C&C outing on the subject of ‘J’ is for…

As you can see, there are joints, joists and jetties, as well as jagged, jiggered, jumbled, jostle and juxtaposition. Even Japan got a look in! And some people even managed to get 3 ‘J’s into their titles, such as a jolly joyous jumper and a jumble of jam jars. Personally I found this C&C unexpectedly difficult, although I admit I was looking for shots walking along a fairly featureless beach! I have to admit also that it took me a while to understand the relevance of ‘J’ in one of the images, but I reckon like me you’ll get it in the end – if not ask Andy, the author!

Full marks to the few people who met up for lunch and kept the social side of C&C alive, and thanks also to those who submitted images.