Challenge #19: Scenes within a scene  Challenges, 15 September 2023

This Challenge involved creating up to three composite ‘Scenes within scenes’ images. Each composite image was to include a view of the chosen area together with several images of details that could be found within 100 metres in any direction. The Challenge was inspired by one of Helen Jones’s projects, and we are grateful that she generously agreed for us to tap into this idea.

As you will see in the gallery, our members contributed some impressive ‘scenes within scenes’ on a broad range of subjects. The submitted images included fabulous landscapes with beautiful details of nature and wonderful buildings with striking architectural details. The natural world was represented by rivers and nature reserves, beaches and seaside resorts, and contrasting with those were striking scenes that included stations and bridges, opera houses and stately homes, museums and the inside of an artist’s studio.

Many thanks to those members who engaged in this Challenge. I hope that everyone taking part will have enjoyed the process. Personally I found it to be a great way of rekindling memories of interesting visits, whether a day out, or whilst on holiday. As Helen said, “Instead of focusing on the one perfect photo, projects such as these encourage us to see that even photos that might not make ‘competition’ standard can together create something that is greater than the sum of its parts”. It’s always good to be reassured that not all our images need to be perfect!