Challenge #18: Telling a story in five images  Challenges, 4 April 2023

The idea of this Challenge was to tell a story using a series of five individual images, with the viewer using visual clues rather than words to imagine or interpret the story.

Members were invited to submit five individual images, together with a composite of all the images. The story should have a title but, in order to allow the viewer to use their own imagination, the individual images would not need titles. Some members did, however, provide titles, although in the end it wasn’t possible technically to include these and also have the ability to enlarge the images.

Each contributor’s story is featured as a stand-alone composite and mini-gallery. Please view the individual images from left to right to ‘read’ the story, and click on each image to enlarge.

Interestingly, rather few stories featured people, with animals, from insects to cats and dogs, taking the top spot in terms of subject matter, plant life cycles proving popular, and trains, boats and planes (well, actually hot air balloons) also figuring.

Thanks to everyone who got involved. I hope you enjoyed putting your stories together as much as others will, I’m sure, enjoy looking at them!

Andy Chamings: Time to live, time to die

Bryan Stanton: A day on the Broads

Carol Clarke: Mimi and Lola find a beetle

David Ireland: The demise of the Dayspring

Helen Jones: I’ve just washed my hair and I can’t do a thing with it

Jocelyn Hayes: Broken chair project

Kath Turner: Sparrow feeding young

Malcolm Beetham: Cherry blossom in spring

Mike Darley: Catching the steam train

Roger Poyser: Balloon Fiesta

Ross Amesbury: Islay beach walk

Sue Hoggett: The end of an era

David Kessel: A tribute to Amos

Alex Davidson: Gravity in action

David Bradley: You can’t come in here!