Annual digital image showcase competition 2024: The Living World  Annual Digital Image Competition, 14 May 2024

We were delighted that Moisés Levy was able to join us from Mexico City. We would like to thank him for his time reviewing all the images in each of the six categories and his comments on the images. Moisés selected his ‘favourite’ six images for each category and talked about what he particularly liked about them along with discussion with the creators of the selected images and contributions from the audience. Thank you to Mike Fidkin for receiving and collating the images and for creating the great AV shows for each category.

Thanks to everyone who contributed, there were some stunning images in the Living World category of the annual digital image showcase ‘competition’. There were some wonderful interpretations of the flora and fauna both local and in more exotic locations.

Here, in no particular order, are Moisés’ favourite six images for. Moisés’ overall favourite image in this category was ‘Flamingos’ by Charlie Eddington

**** Flamingos by Charlie Eddington was also Moisés’ overall favourite image from the 6 categories ****

To view Moisés’ favourite images at a larger magnification, please go to the gallery of all the submitted images (shown below the favourites).

Head, shoulders, knees and toes, Sue Hoggett
Flamingos, Charlie Eddington
Mud Bath, Roger Poyser
Miniature seedhead, Julia Walton
Chillin', David Kessel
Reuse and recycle, Andrew Ronchetti