Annual Digital Image Competition 2023: Street  Competitions, 6 June 2023

Thanks to those who contributed to a fabulous selection of images in the Street category of the ‘competition’.

We were delighted that Lesley Peatfield was able to join us and we would like to thank her for her time reviewing all the images in each of the six categories and her comments on the images. Lesley selected her ‘favourite’ six images for each category and talked about what she particularly liked about them.

Here, in no particular order, are Lesley’s favourite six images for Street. Lesley’s overall favourite image in this category was ‘Waiting’ by David Kessel.

*** Note that David’s ‘Waiting’ image was also chosen as one of two runners-up in her overall 3 top favourites from all categories. ***

To view Lesley’s favourite images at a larger magnification, please go to the gallery of all the submitted images (shown below the favourites).

Smoke signals, Roger Poyser
Waiting, David Kessel
Erik Redbeard and daughter, David Whitham
End of shift, David Whitham
Decision time, Sue Hoggett
Dashain festival, Nepal, David Ireland

All submissions for the Street category are shown in the gallery below (click to enlarge).