Beloved of street photographers, shadows can suggest mystery and drama or give depth to images.  Embrace the dark side!

Thanks to a wash out last time we are running this again. Let’s hope for a sunny day to provide some strong shadows for this Cuppa and Capture. Failing this perhaps look for ‘chiaroscuro’ with bold contrasts between light and dark tones. Post processing can help to increase the drama.

You’ll find some ideas here.

We hope that many of you will want to start meeting up again at 12 noon for a ‘Cuppa’ before heading off to take your photos. This will allow you to get to know other members and to share your photography.

Although you are very much encouraged to meet up on the advertised day, if for any reason that’s not possible, you may take your photographs wherever you happen to be or on a more convenient day that week. The deadline for submissions to is midnight on Monday a week later.


College StreetSocially distanced Cuppa at the Pop Up Café on College Street between the back of the Minster and Goodramgate. You may have to order your drinks from one of the nearby cafés.



9th August 202112:00pm - 4:00pm

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