Sean Tucker: The Meaning in the Making

We are delighted to be joined by Sean Tucker – photographer, philosopher, teacher and author. Several of our members follow Sean on YouTube and, if you were at the MIG session on ‘Shadows’, you will already be familiar with Sean’s work and know that his ‘focus’ is on creativity.

Sean believes that as humans we have an urge to create and bring order from chaos. Photographers are ‘image makers’ and we consciously arrange our subjects and compositions through our viewfinders and then, via editing, we fashion a finished image. Somehow, during this process, we impart a sense of  what the picture means to us and hope that this ‘meaning’ will resonate with and provoke an emotional response in our viewers.

Sean will illustrate this through his journey to building more ‘meaning’ into his photography via his evolution as a portrait photographer. He will share stories of successes, failures, challenges and inspirations in his journey from starting out as a head shot photographer in London, to photographing the Himba tribe in Namibia and returning to South Africa to photograph with three of his personal mentors. Sean will share the lessons he learnt along the way and how they’ve shaped his work today.

Whether you’re a portrait photographer, or your focus is on a different genre of photography, this talk will get you thinking about how to build more ‘meaning’ into the images you’re making. Full details here.

Check out Sean’s website, Instagram page and YouTube channels.

This is an in person meeting in the Studio at York Theatre Royal and we hope that you will make every effort to support the Club by coming along.

Car sharing is encouraged. Parking is available nearby at Bootham Row Car Park (YO30 7BP): Alternative car parks at Marygate (YO30 7DT) and Union Terrace (YO31 7ES). Or if there are a few of you coming from the same area, why not share a taxi?

Visitors are welcome (£5) and should contact Julia for more information or to book a place.


The Studio at York Theatre Royal: located on the ground floor between the bar and café.St Leonard's Place, Y01 7HD



20th February 20247:30pm - 9:30pm

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