Halldor Jonnson: WOW air

Halldor is an Icelandic landscape photographer as well as a pilot, and he loves nothing more than taking visitors on an aerial tour of his homeland. He’s considering changing the name of his air tours to WOW air because that’s the response he gets from all of his passengers. It’s a fair bet that anyone heading to Iceland will be looking him up to book a flight after seeing his talk!

A trip to Iceland is on most photographers’ bucket list. There is no doubt that it is one of the most stunning and beautiful places on the planet with a mix of fire, ice and water. You’ll have seen the usual suspects that the photo tours take in, but now it’s time to experience Iceland from an Icelander’s viewpoint.

Halldor grew up in a small Icelandic fishing village, always close to the great outdoors, which is a huge part of his life.

“Being out in the nature, no matter how the weather is, gives me a great pleasure and relief, it kind of charges my batteries.”

He loves to talk about and share his passion for photography. He always strives to take a better shot from both land and air, whether it’s with his mirrorless camera, drone or phone. Luckily for him, he gets to visit and revisit the country’s scenes at the prime times, whether that is a volcanic eruption, the Aurora Borealis in spectacular light show mode, or the ever-changing intricate and abstract patterns and wonderful tones of the sands and waters created by Iceland’s rivers.

The evening is sure to be entertaining and a visual treat. If you can’t wait but want to see more then check out Halldor’s website, Instagram and Flickr feeds to see more of his work. Halldor also has an instagram page (@yourprivatepilot) devoted to his flying tours.

Visitors are welcome (£5) and should contact Julia for more information or to book a place.


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9th January 20247:30pm - 9:30pm

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