Challenge #5: Results of the Light-hearted Lockdown Competition   

An audience of forty people Zoomed in to enjoy an AV of the light-hearted lockdown competition entries. 28 members of the Club had submitted up to three images for the competition, making a total of 78 images.

32 members cast votes for their favourite five images, ranked in order of preference. After viewing all the images in the AV, the ‘top ten’ images were shown one at a time, with insights invited from the authors and comments and questions from others.

The competition was a refreshing change from the Club’s more formal annual competitions. This informality, together with inspiration from some of the recent Challenges, may have contributed to the high number of creative submissions. In addition, members were free to vote for images that resonated with them in some way, rather than the winners being decided by a single judge. The wide spread of votes confirmed that what constitutes an appealing image is very subjective.

The top ten are shown below in alphabetical order (not ranked). To see all the submitted images at full size please visit the Gallery.

Blue Evening Calm, Denise Curran
Blue Water, Denise Curran
Brimstone Butterfly, Carole Ashton
Doubling up, Bryan Torrington
Empty Benches, Ian Ashton
Little Hills of Potatoes Kilham, David Ireland
Lockdownitis, Catherine Ruane
Social distancing, Sue Hoggett
Upstanding, Carole Marshall
Wasp, Iain Stuart

Finally, the ‘top three’ were revealed in reverse order and the authors congratulated on their stand-out images. The winning images are shown below: 1st, 2nd, 3rd from Left to Right

Empty Benches, Ian Ashton
Wasp, Iain Stuart
Upstanding, Carole Marshall